A Brief History of the Swing-Out Seat Table

Swing Out Seat Table

About five years ago a guy contacted us with these tables that he had found in a school and wanted to know if we were interested in them. He sent me a picture of them and I was like “Yes Please!” While we were looking at these tables, obviously they were designed to seat the maximum number of students at a table and feed them in the smallest amount of space. So we had a bit of a challenge on our hands, but there was a beauty about them that really intrigued me. We began to put the tables into different sizes, and extend the width that the seats swing out so we could create bigger table tops.  We did that initially and they were well received.

We were selling them to restaurants in London, and sold them to restaurants in Australia, we even sold one to Ireland. We had great success and people loved them but we were coming to the end of them and we wondered what we were going to do. I just really like them, so we redesigned the whole table. We have the castings made to our specifications, now we are actually making them new in our Department 87. The design is totally different from the original; it’s redesigned to be a much more comfortable table. Initially all these tables had to be bolted to the ground, so we redesigned it to be free-standing. We created a lot more elbow room by adding more space between the seats. We created different designs for the swing-out bracket to accommodate bigger, wider table-tops; they are really more adaptable for adult use. When we make something in Department 87, we want to present it like it was made 100 years ago, using the methods and materials used then. We cut these tables in half so they mount against the walls and the swing-our seats are only on one side. We actually built one for a shoe store who wanted working spaces for two of their shoe cobblers to do shoe repair. We created this table using the new swing-out seats and they absolutely love the design. I think every restaurant should own one, every home should own one, and every retail store should have one. It has an incredible amounts of uses and we can customize it to suit whatever needs you have.

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