Swing into Autumn with The Get Back Original Swing-Out Seat!

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Install Swing out Seat- Video Transcript:

Ok we are now entering my kitchen which I think is an ideal candidate for a couple of swing out stools. This is what it looks like. It has a bar counter island with a 12” overhang and I think it’s perfect for it. So what I’m gonna do is take the wonderful Toledo Stools, original I might add, not something like the faux industrial you see popping up all over the country. These are the real thing, and are also available at Get Back Inc. I’m going to move these out and take off the back panel, and get to work, looking forward to this little project.



Ok, so having determined that the back of the cabinets are not strong enough, only 3/4” plywood, so I attached some 2 x 10’s vertically, and now I’m going to attach some horizontally, and that will really make a stronger back for the seats.

Ok, so I have successfully attached some Douglas fir 2″ x 10″, and now I’m going to attach the back panel band on the island and go ahead and attach the seats, and maybe I’ll have it done before the missus gets home, now wouldn’t that be nice.

Ok, so I marked the first hole where the seat is going to go, and as these seats are heavy I’m going to go and take it apart. Just that easy, lift it up, screw in my lag bolt and away we go

Ok I got the 1st in, looks pretty good, so one down and one to go.

Ok, I’m on the last seat here, and the next thing I.m gonna do it is get some black paint and paint the lag bolts. I think the whole thing is gonna look great.

So one more thing I’d like to add to the installation of these stools was the amount of space they create when they’re installed, I couldn’t believe it. The old stools used to stick out, and I would have added another foot to my cabinets, so it’s something to keep in mind as cabinet space is at a premium especially in small spaces. Thanks for watching.


$500.00 Add to Cart / Purchase


Vintage Industrial Original Swingoutseat8 Watermarked Copyright Getbackinc2

Vintage Industrial Original Swingoutseat8 Watermarked Copyright Getbackinc2

$500.00 Add to Cart / Purchase

Swing into Summer with The Swing Out Seat!


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Brief History of the Swing Out Seat.
Tim discusses the Swing Out Seat Table, its origins and how Get Back Inc came to bring them back to life.



The Swing Out Seat Are Available to Purchase Individually or as Part of our Swing out Seat Tables!

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