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“Dept 87″ Swing Out 6-Seat Table Cast Iron & Wood with Glass Top

SKU: TA-4737


Our “Original” Swing-Out-Seat table pictured here with only its glass top on.  Available with a wide variety of glass and Plexiglass tops in various colors and shades.

“The standard measurements of the table are 30″ x 8' x 30″ for the 8-seat version, but we can make a 6-seater, or a larger table if that's what the designer specifies,” Byrne explains. “With glass tops at 30″ or 36″ high, the table can fit in very nicely with the vision a designer has for a particular space. And it's also a bit of a space saver, as the seats can swing back in under the table when not in use. We're very excited about the fact that the table is built only in Connecticut, using all American materials.

This swing out table can be customized to suit your needs.


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