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by Tim Byrne

What is Vintage Industrial BloggWe at Get Back Inc. believe that the true meaning of Vintage Industrial is to preserve or restore an industrial piece to its original essence and not just create a look. Now, what does this mean?
Artists breathe life into their art. When they create a painting or sculpture, they do it with a concept in mind and give the object a distinct identity. The essence of the art lies in this identity and not in the individual materials or the technique used to create it. Many artists practice by duplicating a famous piece of work, using the same brush strokes, even incorporating the same pigments, but the resulting imitation is not the same as the original.
Preserving the Rich Cultural History of the American Industrial Revolution

So, when we say that we preserve the rich cultural heritage of the American Industrial Revolution, we mean that we strive to preserve the craftsmanship and quality of this time period. For example, products were less consumable during this time. A table or chair was expected to last for decades. Labor was cheaper, so time was spent on crafting the arch of the supporting brace of a table base. We believe in using the same methods to restore these pieces as the original manufacturer did to create them. We love it when people from a past generation look at our work and experience a wave of nostalgia. Every article we create is a tribute to American craftsmanship and a reconnection with our rich heritage.
True to Original Intent

Occasionally there is confusion between Vintage Industrial and Steampunk, a fictional design based on steam-powered machines. Steampunk products often include a Victorian style, and utilize a retro-futuristic design. Steampunk products were never originally produced in the Victorian era, and focus on the ornamental design above the utilitarian function. Products designed and created by Get Back Inc., are functional before being decorative. While we do give a lot of importance to visual beauty, we never do it at the cost of functionality. For instance, if we produce a  vintage industrial floor lamp , we use an original lamp base from the time-period and not repurpose an item, like a gear, to function as a base.

Vintage industrial furniture holds a magical passion for us. Please subscribe to our newsletter so we can continue to reintroduce vintage industrial furniture and lighting to you. We would love for you to become a passionate fan of our world.

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