Rent Our Authentic Vintage-Industrial Furniture and Lighting as Props for Film, TV, or Exclusive Events

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GET BACK INC’s reputation is built on our evolving and innovative inventory of authentic American industrial furnishings and lighting. Our founder Tim Byrne has forged a trusted network of artisans, collectors, and pickers in the years since he opened doors in 2000, and we provide our clients and the film industry with singular items in order to create authentic and historically accurate set designs. Our 30,000-square-foot space holds a miraculous inventory of America’s industrial … [Read more...]

Fall Showroom Soirée

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Shoptalk Weekly: Lange-Lift Dining Table

Lange After

Lange Lift founder and designer Anthony Lange began manufacturing high-­quality industrial hydraulic lift tables in 1934. He was way ahead of the curve in his ability to design ergonomic lifts with exceptional functionality and longevity. Lange built his brand word of mouth, letting the product speak for itself, which is what Tim Byrne has done with Get Back Inc. Just as Lange grew a reputation of being the go-to manufacturer of durable lift tables, Get Back Inc builds on what was built to last. … [Read more...]

Get Back Inc Salutes The American Mural Project

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  The American Mural Project is a nonprofit organization with a comprehensive, visionary, and inclusive approach to arts education. Of an unprecedented scale, the organization is creating, right here in Connecticut, the largest indoor collaborative artwork in the world – a mural 120 feet long, five stories high, and up to ten feet deep.   With Get Back Inc's fidelity to craftsmanship and industrial design, we are particularly drawn to their celebration of American ingenuity, … [Read more...]

A Stylish Solution for Cafeteria Tables

Get Back Inc Dept 87 Swing out Seat Table

By Tim Byrne   Whether you’re making meals at home, planning out an area for your employees to have lunch together, we’ve all got to set our plates down somewhere and eat. Since we don’t always have the room, or the need, for a massive dining-room table, I developed the  Get Back Original Swing-Out-Seat Table.     The design is based on the original cafeteria tables used in schools in the late 1800s, and is a perfect solution when space is at a premium -- in the … [Read more...]

Shoptalk Weekly: Explosion-proof HazLoc Light

HazLoc Explosion-Proof Light Restoration

Explosion-proof lighting and fixtures for hazardous locations (HazLoc) originated from the mining industry. Sadly their necessity was learned the hard way through deadly explosions from various flammable gases called firedamp.   But function aside, they are also aesthetic wonders of industrial design like the one pictured here -- one we worked on this week that is bound for an exclusive parfumerie in Kuwait.   We carefully disassembled it, stripped the paint, and then … [Read more...]

Shoptalk Weekly: Simplex Portable Crane

Get-Back Veteran Ed drives out the fork pin like a seasoned railroad worker while Fernando keeps lateral movement.

A couple weeks ago at auction up in the countryside of Ellington, Connecticut, we were able to snag this considerable 1920s cast-iron engine hoist. We were told it had been left alone in a field on the property for the better part of 40 years, so all of the parts were unsurprisingly frozen with rust.                             Our first task was to get the lift to the shop and … [Read more...]

GET BACK INC and Playboy Magazine

Get Back Inc - Industrial Evolution - Article in Playboy Jan 2011

Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner who passed away September 29th, was known the world over for his entrepreneurial spirit. His death comes as a shock in a year that has been filled with the loss of many figures central to our popular culture from Harry Dean Stanton and Glenn O'Brien to Mary Tyler Moore and Robert Moore. In the January 2011 issue of Playboy--featuring Connecticut's own actress Chloë Sevingny, author Bret Easton Ellis, Pamela Anderson, and architect Frank Gehry--the magazine … [Read more...]

Paul Pfurtscheller Charts

Paul Pfurtscheller

Paul Pfurtscheller (1855–1927), an Austrian zoologist and biology teacher, produced an iconic series of 38 botanical and zoological wall charts for educational use from 1902 up to the time of his death, just before the completion of his 39th design. Highly regarded by eminent zoologists and botanists of the day, Pfurtscheller originally drew and painted these distinctive wall charts detailing the anatomical structure of animals, plants, and insects to compliment his lessons in the classroom … [Read more...]

Connecticut Magazine Features GET BACK INC


For their September 2017 issue, Connecticut Magazine sat down with our founder, Tim Byrne, who for over two decades has lifted machines, furniture, and other abandoned objects out of the flame and ash of America’s manufacturing heyday and—like a phoenix—given them new life. The author writes “In more recent years, perhaps because of anxieties about what has been lost, the principles of design that governed this great boom in American manufacturing have become fresh again. There is a new American … [Read more...]

Get Back Inc Featured in Rough Luxe Design


Get back Inc. is honored to have a multi-page photo spread and an in-depth interview from our founder, Tim Byrne in Rough Luxe Design. ROUGH LUXE DESIGN features the most exclusive list of interior designers, furniture purveyors, industrial designers, and trend-setting entrepreneurs responsible for bringing “rough luxury” into the cultural consciousness. This beautifully illustrated book showcases the best examples of how the masterful staging of raw imperfection can fulfill the desire for a … [Read more...]

Get Back Inc., Proudly Showcased Products at the Tribeca Film Festival

Get Back Inc -

by Tim Byrne Get Back Inc., has always striven to preserve the rich cultural heritage of America in the form of vintage-industrial furniture. We have experimented, pushed the boundaries of our imagination and come up with innovative furniture crafted out of pieces that were mass produced during the industrial revolution. … [Read more...]

Open Showroom Soirée October 14th at Get Back Inc. With Wine, Craft Beer, Food…

Open Showroom Soirée October 14th at Get Back Inc. With Wine, Craft Beer, Food

Our first Open Showroom this past summer was met with such enthusiasm we're opening our doors again this fall as the foliage reaches its peak in northwestern Connecticut. Join us for an evening of wine, craft beer, light fare, as well as design insight and inspiration from founder Tim Byrne acting as a docent sharing his 5,000 square foot showroom of vintage-industrial treasures.   All are welcome!   Click here to register.   … [Read more...]

Retired Parts Work Overtime – The New York Times – November 23, 2006

Getbackinc Gramercy Park Hotel Lights

Vintage industrial is how Tim Byrne, above, a furniture maker in Connecticut, describes his aesthetic. Mr. Byrne, whose company is called Get Back, scours factory liquidations and salvage yards for industrial parts that inspire or make their way into his new furniture pieces, like a gooseneck floor lamp he designed for the Gramercy Park Hotel in Manhattan.... Read More at New York Times … [Read more...]

Vintage Industrial Furniture – Phoenix Home & Garden July 2012

Getbackinc PhoenixHomeAndGarden July 2012

The so-called Second Industrial Revolution (from about 1870 to 1914) has been considered a turning point in the development of modern industry in America. For example, according to the U.S. Department of State, 1890 Census data showed for the first time that the output of U.S. factories surpassed that of U.S. farms, and by 1913, America was responsible for more than one-third of the world’s industrial production. As a result, factories and institutions were filled with functional items … [Read more...]

“Elements” Repurposed – New England Home Magazine Nov / Dec 2010

New England Home Nov Dec 2010 Get Back Inc - Elements Repurposed

Repurposed - This industrial metal Holophane light was probably rescued from a factory, but now it would look great over a dining table, a desk or - in celebration of its former life - any kind of work surface. The pole length can be ordered to your specifications. … [Read more...]

Evolution in Oakville – Litchfield County Times

Litchfield County Times Getbackinc Photo By Michael Kabelka

Beginning in the early 19th century, and peaking with lucrative World War II contracts, the Greater Waterbury area was unquestionably the leading manufacturer of brass products in the United States. But after the Allied Forces’ victory, business slowed and then fell off precipitously, denoted by the now darkened factory buildings that help define the city’s skyline. These buildings once symbolized the Industrial Revolution’s heart, which mechanically beat with inner machinery made by … [Read more...]

“In Fashion” – Connecticut Cottages & Gardens March ’07

Connecticut Cottages And Gardens - Get Back Inc - In Fashion

It takes a person with a background in fashion to create a store as chic and interesting as Westport's Dovecote. Filled with unusual antiques, transitional furniture and fabrics and attention stealing accessories, the interior design and lifestyle store speaks to the moment while preparing us for what's coming just around the bend. Owned by Sarah Kaplan, a former buyer for Barney's New York, Dovecote has been in business for nearly five years. Kaplan's creative director is Corey Tippin, who … [Read more...]

Swing into Autumn with The Get Back Original Swing-Out Seat!

bar stool, swing out seat, suspended seating, cast iron stool

Install Swing out Seat- Video Transcript: Ok we are now entering my kitchen which I think is an ideal candidate for a couple of swing out stools. This is what it looks like. It has a bar counter island with a 12” overhang and I think it’s perfect for it. So what I’m gonna do is take the wonderful Toledo Stools, original I might add, not something like the faux industrial you see popping up all over the country. These are the real thing, and are also available at Get Back Inc. I’m going to move … [Read more...]

CPTV’s “Made in CT”


Tim Byrne moved to Connecticut from Dublin in 1987 to make a better life for himself.  After 6 years working construction, he started making furniture using pieces from abandoned mills and factories - a style he created called "vintage industrial." Now, his Industrial Revolution-inspired works of art have landed in trendy restaurants, upscale hotels, and chic boutiques the world over. His company, Get Back Inc, is located in the old Scoville Brass Company in the Oakville section of Watertown. … [Read more...]

Where the Wheels of Industry Keep

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Get It? Get Back Inc.

Get It?  Get Back Inc.

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We’ll Save a Seat For You

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Get Back from Out of the Past

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Vintage industrial furniture crafted in Watertown with Ann Nyberg

Swing Seat

WATERTOWN, Conn. (WTNH) — On tonight’s NYBERG, a vintage industrial furniture and lighting company started by an Irish immigrant who started the business in 2000 with a small bit of money. Tim Byrne is passionate about finding pre World War II stools, tables, chairs, and pieces of stuff. He cleans it up, and makes something new out of it. His company is in an old brass mill in the Oakville section of Watertown. “We were buying, stool work benches, shelving units, lighting and anything … [Read more...]

Get Back Inc. Donates to Fraser Woods School in Newtown, CT


Tim Byrne donates a gift card from his store, Get Back Inc., to the Fraser Woods Montessori School Auction in Newtown, CT every year. Take a look at this great video created by Liam, Tim's son. … [Read more...]

“Working Class Hero The Second Story” from Lucky Selectism

Lucky Selectism Working Class Hero 2 707x352

Get Back Inc. from Lucky Selectism Eyewear on Vimeo. "Working Class Hero The Second Story" from Lucky Selectism, Filmed at Get Back, Inc. … [Read more...]

CT business looks to solve tombstone mystery

Tombstone Mystery

WFSB 3 Connecticut OAKVILLE, CT (WFSB) - A Connecticut business owner hopes to solve a more than 150-year-old mystery. A tombstone woundup in Tim Bryne's Oakville warehouse, but they're desperate to find a family member. Bryne said once he finds that family member, the … [Read more...]

Behind the Scenes of Working Class Hero 2 from Lucky Selectism filmed on site at Get Back Inc.

Behing The Scenes Working Class Hero 2 707x352

Get Back Inc. from Lucky Selectism Eyewear on Vimeo. Lucky Selectism interviewed Tim Byrne, owner of Get Back Inc., during their filming of Working Class Hero 2 in his warehouse in Oakville, CT. “My name is Tim Byrne. I’m the owner and founder of Get Back Inc. We are a vintage industrial furniture and lighting company located in Oakville, Connecticut.” “What motivates me, is to build pieces that have not been seen before. I like nice things. I like to be surrounded by nice … [Read more...]

Brilliant Articulating Industrial Lights

Brilliant And Articulating Industrial Lighting YouTube 2013 12 18 23.40.28

Tim reflects on the brilliance of articulating industrial machine lights: "My first encounter with Industrial Lighting was at a flea market. I saw a light that was designed for a machine, and I was fascinated by it.  It was an articulating light that you could move in any direction, and I thought the mechanisms, though primitive looking because they were cast iron and had knobs, worked perfectly and they still did even after 100 years.  When Eddie and I would go out into old buildings, one … [Read more...]

Our Fascination with Vintage Industrial Stools

Vintage Stools Video

Tim Byrne discusses Vintage Industrial Stools.   “I was in a surplus store one day, it was attached to a big industrial company, and they were selling off surplus office equipment and so forth. I think that was my first encounter with a well designed stool. It was a Toledo stool, and it had just a great look to it. When we researched the company, we found they were an absolutely incredible company. So, of course, it peaked my interest… If that’s available, what else is available? So … [Read more...]

A Brief History of the Swing-Out Seat Table

Swing Out Seat Table

About five years ago a guy contacted us with these tables that he had found in a school and wanted to know if we were interested in them. He sent me a picture of them and I was like “Yes Please!” While we were looking at these tables, obviously they were designed to seat the maximum number of students at a table and feed them in the smallest amount of space. So we had a bit of a challenge on our hands, but there was a beauty about them that really intrigued me. We began to put the tables into … [Read more...]

Inspiration for Vintage Industrial

Vintage Inspiration

The inspiration for Get Back Inc’s Vintage Industrial style originally came from the flea markets in Manhattan. Get Back Inc’s founder Tim Byrne had an immediate attachment to the industrial pieces that he occasionally saw there. His vision was not to resell the pieces, but to restore these items to their original glory. Tim especially loves the castings, made at a time when labor was cheap but material was expensive. The detail and craftsmanship is just not found today; it’s too expensive to … [Read more...]

Tracing the Fascinating History of Vintage Industrial Furniture

Get Back Inc -

Vintage industrial has slowly grown from a unique niche to a design movement and philosophy you see every day in some of the chicest places on the planet. At Get Back, we get lots of questions, such as: What is "vintage industrial?" How did these unique pieces come together? What's the history behind them? Thus, an overview of the history of vintage industrial furniture is in order. … [Read more...]

Get Back Inc.: the Building’s History and Thriving Business Community

Get Back Inc -

When you first come up to the building that Get Back Inc. calls home, you might be confused and think you have traveled back to America’s Industrial heyday.  That is because Get Back Inc. is located in one of the great New England mill building complexes; a sprawling industrial era landmark on Main Street on the Oakville-Waterbury line. Altogether the former factory buildings cover 52 acres with more than 280,000 square feet. With its high ceilings, exposed bricks, tall windows, wood floors, and … [Read more...]

Vintage Classic: Toledo Stools

Get Back Inc -

When you decide to redesign, refurbish, renovate or just change the look of your home, often a classic Vintage Industrial piece will provide style and a story to your living space. Among the many essentials that you need to take note of when renovating your home is a clear-cut, comfortable and affordable seat. When considering Vintage Industrial Stools, the ones originally from Toledo Metal Furniture Co. are considered the best in the industry. Many of their drafting stools were manufactured … [Read more...]

Architectural Digest Dec 2013


 Architectural Digest  December 2013 Bohemian Rhapsody With the help of designer Billy Cotton , artist Cindy Sherman recasts a dilapidated 19th Century Hamptons farmhouse as a richly layered, charmingly eccentric refuge. Text by Mayer Rus Photography by Jason Schmidt Produced by Michael Reynolds … [Read more...]

Martha Stewart “Made in America” 2013


Thank you to all of our customers, vendors, family, friends, and fans who voted for us in the "Made In America 2013" with Martha Stewart. Get Back, Inc. restores and custom designs original and inspired furniture and lighting from machinery of the American Industrial Revolution. … [Read more...]

What is Vintage Industrial – By Get Back Inc

Get Back Inc -

by Tim Byrne We at Get Back Inc. believe that the true meaning of Vintage Industrial is to preserve or restore an industrial piece to its original essence and not just create a look. Now, what does this mean? Artists breathe life into their art. When they create a painting or sculpture, they do it with a concept in mind and give the object a distinct identity. The essence of the art lies in this identity and not in the individual materials or the technique used to create it. Many artists … [Read more...]

Get Back Inc. Representing Vintage Industrial at Bridgehampton Fair

Get Back Inc -

by Tim Byrne The Bridgehampton Antiques & Design Fair, held on July 12th through 14th, 2013 at the Bridgehampton Community House, showcases 25 exceptional antiques dealers from the United States & Europe. This exclusive event offers an exceptional selection of antiques, including mid-century modern, Asian, vintage couture, folk art, and unusual furniture and decorative objects from antiquity to present day. … [Read more...]

Meeting Wendell Castle

Get Back Inc -

Recently I visited, The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Ridgefield, CT to view their current exhibition, "Wendell Castle, Wandering Forms - Works from 1959-1979." Per The Aldrich, "The pieces in this exhibition were chosen for their significance within Castle's oeuvre, but also for the narrative they tell about his work and its relationship to the current environment for art and design. Almost all of them were hailed as revolutionary in changing the way we look at furniture and had an … [Read more...]

Looking for Custom Bookcases?

Looking for Custom Bookcases?

By Tim Byrne Custom made bookcases are generally divided into two classes: built-ins, and modified standard bookcases. However, there’s another class as well:  The Dept. 87 Wall System Our design, I feel, is a nice way to combine style, functionality and adaptability when considering custom library bookcases. … [Read more...]

Get Back, Inc. supplied props for the all star movie, “The Big Wedding”

Get Back Inc -

The Big Wedding. David Schlesinger, set designer, came to Get Back, Inc. for props for the movie prior to filming here in Connecticut over the summer. The movie, starring Robert DeNiro, Katherine Heigl, Diane Keaton, Amanda Seyfried, Topher Grace, Ben Barnes, With Susan Sarandon and with Robin Williams, is set to be released April 26, 2013. … [Read more...]

Style, Versatility and Functionality in a Closet Organizer

Dept 87 Wall System-v2

By Tim Byrne I think some people are missing a big opportunity to express their sense of style in a functional area of their houses: their closets. Now, stay with me here. You may be thinking, what’s wrong with normal closet organizer systems or modular wall units? Well, there’s nothing wrong with most of the top brands available, like California Closets. Except that sometimes mass-produced closet organizers do not account for irregular walls, or common obstacles like radiators and pipes. So, … [Read more...]

Dept. 87: Come See The Handsome, Versatile Swing Out Seat Table At What’s New What’s Next

Get Back Inc Dept 87 Swing out Seat Table

New York City, New York, September 13, 2012 The Industrial Cast Iron & Wood Swing Out Seat Table from Dept. 87 is causing designers around the world to sit up and take notice. This versatile piece, inspired by the traditions of Vintage Industrial American Furniture, combines the ruggedness of high-quality wood and beautifully crafted cast iron with the simple elegance of utilitarian design that is the hallmark of Tim Byrne’s Dept. 87 furnishings. … [Read more...]

Dept. 87 Wall System™: Elegant, Durable, and Customizable Wall System to Debut at What’s New What’s Next

Get Back Inc -

New York City, New York, September 13, 2012 The Dept. 87 Wall System will certainly be turning heads this week at the New York Design Center’s 2012 What’s New What Next show. The versatile and customizable piece, inspired by the traditions of Vintage Industrial American Furniture, combines the ruggedness of high-quality wood, dedicated craftsmanship and simple elegance of utilitarian design that are always present in Tim Byrne’s Dept. 87 furnishings. … [Read more...]

New Designs Draw On Vintage Industrial Furniture Style

Get Back Inc -

Dept 87 is a line of newly-designed furniture, made with All-American materials and workmanship, designed within the tradition of Vintage Industrial American Furniture. Previously, Tim Byrne and his craftsman at Get Back, Inc. were in the business of re-purposing pieces from the American Industrial Revolution era into Vintage Industrial Furniture. They still do that, every day. But now, they’re also taking the next logical step, designing and manufacturing new pieces with the same painstaking … [Read more...]

We make in America what makes America Great.

Get Back Inc -

Get Back, Inc. opened its doors in 2000 with its unique brand of Vintage American Industrial Furnishings. Get Back, Inc. salvages and restores vintage industrial pieces that were once used to mass produce American products during the Industrial Revolution. We preserve the integrity of these historical designs that shaped America. Put another way, "We make in America what makes America great". There was a time in our history when America’s manufacturing culture’s core values were superior … [Read more...]

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