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Tim Byrne moved to Connecticut from Dublin in 1987 to make a better life for himself.  After 6 years working construction, he started making furniture using pieces from abandoned mills and factories - a style he created called "vintage industrial." Now, his Industrial Revolution-inspired works of art have landed in trendy restaurants, upscale hotels, and chic boutiques the world over. His company, Get Back Inc, is located in the old Scoville Brass Company in the Oakville section of Watertown. … [Read more...]

Where the Wheels of Industry Keep

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Get It? Get Back Inc.

Get It?  Get Back Inc.

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We’ll Save a Seat For You

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Get Back from Out of the Past

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Vintage industrial furniture crafted in Watertown with Ann Nyberg

Swing Seat

WATERTOWN, Conn. (WTNH) — On tonight’s NYBERG, a vintage industrial furniture and lighting company started by an Irish immigrant who started the business in 2000 with a small bit of money. Tim Byrne is passionate about finding pre World War II stools, tables, chairs, and pieces of stuff. He cleans it up, and makes something new out of it. His company is in an old brass mill in the Oakville section of Watertown. “We were buying, stool work benches, shelving units, lighting and anything … [Read more...]

Get Back Inc. Donates to Fraser Woods School in Newtown, CT


Tim Byrne donates a gift card from his store, Get Back Inc., to the Fraser Woods Montessori School Auction in Newtown, CT every year. Take a look at this great video created by Liam, Tim's son. … [Read more...]

“Working Class Hero The Second Story” from Lucky Selectism

Lucky Selectism Working Class Hero 2 707x352

Get Back Inc. from Lucky Selectism Eyewear on Vimeo. "Working Class Hero The Second Story" from Lucky Selectism, Filmed at Get Back, Inc. … [Read more...]

Behind the Scenes of Working Class Hero 2 from Lucky Selectism filmed on site at Get Back Inc.

Behing The Scenes Working Class Hero 2 707x352

Get Back Inc. from Lucky Selectism Eyewear on Vimeo. Lucky Selectism interviewed Tim Byrne, owner of Get Back Inc., during their filming of Working Class Hero 2 in his warehouse in Oakville, CT. “My name is Tim Byrne. I’m the owner and founder of Get Back Inc. We are a vintage industrial furniture and lighting company located in Oakville, Connecticut.” “What motivates me, is to build pieces that have not been seen before. I like nice things. I like to be surrounded by nice … [Read more...]

Brilliant Articulating Industrial Lights

Brilliant And Articulating Industrial Lighting YouTube 2013 12 18 23.40.28

Tim reflects on the brilliance of articulating industrial machine lights: "My first encounter with Industrial Lighting was at a flea market. I saw a light that was designed for a machine, and I was fascinated by it.  It was an articulating light that you could move in any direction, and I thought the mechanisms, though primitive looking because they were cast iron and had knobs, worked perfectly and they still did even after 100 years.  When Eddie and I would go out into old buildings, one … [Read more...]

Our Fascination with Vintage Industrial Stools

Vintage Stools Video

Tim Byrne discusses Vintage Industrial Stools.   “I was in a surplus store one day, it was attached to a big industrial company, and they were selling off surplus office equipment and so forth. I think that was my first encounter with a well designed stool. It was a Toledo stool, and it had just a great look to it. When we researched the company, we found they were an absolutely incredible company. So, of course, it peaked my interest… If that’s available, what else is available? So … [Read more...]

A Brief History of the Swing-Out Seat Table

Swing Out Seat Table

About five years ago a guy contacted us with these tables that he had found in a school and wanted to know if we were interested in them. He sent me a picture of them and I was like “Yes Please!” While we were looking at these tables, obviously they were designed to seat the maximum number of students at a table and feed them in the smallest amount of space. So we had a bit of a challenge on our hands, but there was a beauty about them that really intrigued me. We began to put the tables into … [Read more...]

Inspiration for Vintage Industrial

Vintage Inspiration

The inspiration for Get Back Inc’s Vintage Industrial style originally came from the flea markets in Manhattan. Get Back Inc’s founder Tim Byrne had an immediate attachment to the industrial pieces that he occasionally saw there. His vision was not to resell the pieces, but to restore these items to their original glory. Tim especially loves the castings, made at a time when labor was cheap but material was expensive. The detail and craftsmanship is just not found today; it’s too expensive to … [Read more...]

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